Your New Favorite Ritual: Skin Brushing

So, buy what exactly is skin brushing? This form of exfoliation uses a natural bristle brush or Ayate cloth to stimulate blood flow, visit this site bring oxygen to the skin’s surface, and remove noxious gases and toxins! The process works by slightly irritating the skin’s nerve endings. This awakens the immune system and causes an increase in circulation. Fresh nutrients are then flooded to your skin’s surface and toxins are released. Dead skin cells are also removed, leaving you with soft and vibrant looking skin!

Want to give it a try? Start by vigorously brushing your body (this can be done on wet or dry skin). Begin on your feet and legs and work up towards the heart. Do this for about 3 minutes. It won’t take long for you to notice improvement in the tone and texture of your skin. Dry brushing is recommended daily and is great for when you need a pick-me-up.

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