koffee smoothie

Our smoothie contains over 50 trace-minerals in each cup including calcium. Unsweetened almond milk, what is ed honey, website vanilla, information pills  Dandy Blend, cacao, dried apricots.
(163 calories) $5.95/ 16 oz

• rich, full-bodied flavor of coffee
• no caffeine, bitterness or acidity
• no headaches or withdrawal symptoms when switching from coffee to dandy blend-contains dandelion root known for it’s detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties
• contains roasted chicory which promotes healthy digestion and nutrient absorption
• contains roasted beetroot which detoxifies and builds blood, while protecting the liver
• contains barley and rye which are rich in protein and b-complex vitamins, and have anti-inflammatory properties
• contains dandelion root which is considered one of the top 6 herbs in the Chinese medicine chest
• benefits for both adults and children
• non GMO
• gluten-free


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