How to Stay Skinny on Fat Tuesday

King cake, order Popeyes, and and daiquiris. Oh my! Carnival season has officially arrived and with it the decadent Mardi Gras staples. However, abortion
you don’t have to wreck your healthy lifestyle to celebrate this New Orleans holiday. Follow these tips to stay skinny on Fat Tuesday!

1. Move - Walk as much as you can while you’re out on the parade routes. Volunteer to help unload cars. Meet up with friends along the parade route. Jump up and down to catch that stuffed animal. Do whatever gets your heart pumping! Burning more calories will negate some of those extra ones you’ve consumed, plus it will give you more energy to hang all day long.

2. Skip Sugary Drinks – Alcoholic beverages are devoid of nutrients and high in calories. When you add sugar into the mix, you’re adding even more empty calories and gifting yourself a hangover the following morning. Instead of daiquiris, screwdrivers, and cocktails made with simple syrup, try red wine mixed with Berry LaCroix or vodka with lemon or lime juice. You can even get a little nutrition from your booze if you choose a healthy mixer, such as kombucha or Aloe water. The possibilities are endless! (*See our kombucha cocktail below.)

3. Moderation is Key – Even though Mardi Gras is known for gluttony, be moderate in your celebrations. Sure, have a piece of king cake, but keep your slice small, about the size of an office stapler. Limit alcoholic beverages to 1-3 drinks, depending on your size and gender.

4. Eat Breakfast – Consuming a nutrient-rich, protein packed breakfast ensures at least one good meal a day PLUS plenty of energy to catch the best beads. This also prevents overeating later in the day, so you can easily turn down those muffulettas and cookies. We love a kale, mushroom, and avocado omelet or a green smoothie with spinach, UltraMeal, mixed berries, and almond butter.

5. Know Yourself – Many people have trouble tolerating certain foods, such as gluten, dairy, or fried foods. If you know you have some sort of food intolerance, stay away from that food! Nobody wants to be miserable with an upset tummy during Carnival season! Following these tips will ensure you have a great time AND stay on track. And don’t forget about our next detox group on February 15th (because we all could use a detox after Mardi Gras!)


*Kombucha Cocktail

  • 1 shot of vodka
  • 8 oz. kombucha
  • 4 ice cubes
  • Slice of lemon for garnish

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