The Healing Magic of Himalayan Salts – and How To Incorporate Them Into Your Life

When the Himalayan mountains rose out of the ocean, visit web pink ocean salts remained on the massive peaks. Today, viagra these Himalayan pink salts are treasured for their amazing mineral content. In fact, they contain 84 essential minerals in almost the identical ratios that exist in your blood. What’s more, these salt crystals are so small that they can be absorbed directly into your cells without entering the blood stream.

The result? Huge health benefits just from using Himalayan salts, which re-mineralize your entire body! And since they’re available in different size granulations, you can use them in a variety of ways, depending on your particular health concerns:

Sprinkle on food If you want healthier salt with your meals, put Himalayan salts into your salt grinder or your salt shaker and use just like you would use regular sea salt. Not only is the pink color of Himalayan salts visually appealing, but the salts give your foods an “alive” taste. It’s delicious and nutritious!

Drink as a liquid – This is called Sole therapy and it’s powerfully healing. Instructions for making SOLE are right on the box. Drinking Himalayan salts helps to improve your body’s conductivity…stimulate circulation and metabolism…improve cell hydration…balance pH levels…cleanse the intestines…support detoxification…and eliminate crystal deposits from the body.

Put into your bath – Himalayan salts are also available as bath crystals. Unlike a normal bath, which depletes your body of essential nutrients, Himalayan salts add nutrients to help you relax and rejuvenate. This helps boost energy levels, treat skin conditions, and support detoxification, especially during certain lunar cycles.

Use with a specially made inhaler – This is a safe and natural way to improve your breathing problems. Use the Himalayan salt inhaler for 10-20 minutes to achieve significant relief from allergies, asthma, infections, the flu, recycled air indoors or on planes, or breathing problems related to smoking. You won’t believe the difference!

Make sure that any Himalayan salts you buy have certificates of origin and analysis to confirm that they’re actually coming from the Himalayas. Only real Himalayan salts offer the precise mineral content your body needs. We recommend Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® because, not only is it the source of the salt used in the leading clinical research, but it’s the only salt with the royal seal of the region.

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