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dear friends, from jackie & karen

We had a huge mission when opening WELL – and that was to change lives. We’ve been so privileged over the years to have access to the best minds and best information in the health and beauty fields. Now, help we want to share all that we’ve learned and are going to learn. We know […]

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6 must-have supplements for optimum health

Everyone knows that supplements are a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. They provide the crucial nutrition we don’t get from our modern American diet. Given all of the research by worldwide nutritional experts, viagra we’ve determined that there are 6 essential supplements you must take regularly to ensure optimum health: 1. GOOD FATS – […]

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koffee smoothie

Our smoothie contains over 50 trace-minerals in each cup including calcium. Unsweetened almond milk, what is ed honey, website vanilla, information pills Dandy Blend, cacao, dried apricots. (163 calories) $5.95/ 16 oz Benefits: • rich, full-bodied flavor of coffee • no caffeine, bitterness or acidity • no headaches or withdrawal symptoms when switching from coffee […]

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