10 Day Detox Challenge

It only takes 10 days to feel like a new person inside and out.

In just 10 days this detox will:

>> activate your body’s natural ability to burn fat and lose weight

>> clean out your system and change your habits

>> break your addictions to sugars, carbs and processed foods that are making you sick

>> target common health complaints such as asthma, abortion headaches, cure joint pain, digestive problems and more

If you failed at a detox before it could be because you felt hungry, sick or sluggish. Many people turn to juice fasts that lack the nutrition you need to properly detox. Some don’t offer enough food, especially protein, to give you the energy to thoroughly detox and others don’t contain all the tools you need for success. Programs like these set you up to fail.

Well’s detox is different, easy and effective:

>> offers group support, including a licensed dietitian, expert staff and an online community

>> includes everything you need in your personal detox kit (medical food smoothie powder, supplements, patient guide, recipes, food diary and more…)

>> the plan won’t leave you feeling hungry, you’ll feel energized and satisfied

>> you’ll quickly notice the difference in how you feel

Limited space available so sign up soon.

Call (504)835-0225 to sign up today.

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